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Fitness as a Lifestyle

Fitness as a Lifestyle

This may seem odd to mention or talk about. A majority of people use fitness in relationship to eating, food and calories. Lifestyle honors fitness in all areas of health and well-being. Lifestyle is foundational, from the way you live, things you value, how you 

The Power of Training

The Power of Training

We know how important nutrition and clean foods are for your body weight as well. Again thats looking at Optimal Performance over getting into what’s good, what’s bad- it focuses on how does your body response, get you the best results and be your best.

Mindset: The New Strength Training

Mindset: The New Strength Training

There’s alot of talk around mindset. Why is mindset so important?

Just like strength training is to your muscles i.e. growth, shape, strength and clean eating is to your body i.e. healthy weight, clear mind, good energy, mindset give you that strength and control in your thoughts and beliefs.

I’ll go alittle deeper.

Mindset looks at your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, Your thoughts are electric sending out a signal. Your feelings are magnetic, what you are feeling is drawing in to you experiences- good and bad. And your Beliefs control, dictate, oversee what you think and how/what you feel.

So mindset works in all of these areas- thought, feelings and beliefs. Change your beliefs and your thoughts shift, your feelings become less or non- resistant. You can change your thoughts by seeing new perspectives, leaning in to a new focal point. With that you can shift your feelings about the thing you were charged up about- having reoccurring patterns, negative experiences or not able to reach the results you are working towards. Your feelings shift as you allow acknowledge and celebrate your shift, essentially letting go of the old limitation. You have come into a new mindset around that pattern, topic or experience. This is growth and strengthening your mind to be in alignment with your true self.

Mindset is something to train daily. Whether it be a podcast, book, you tube, seminar, journaling, meditation, something that encourages you to think, feel and believe in the unseen…That which you Desire. Desire is a feeling, turn that on and you are on your way to seeing that which you desire in your heart to be true begin to unfold and manifest.

Just like strength training takes time to build your muscles, resiliency, mindset take proper work, focus and attention.

Mindset is the operating system behind your thoughts feelings and actions. These all lead to habits. What we know about healthy habits is they lead to results plus confidence, goal setting and action which I’ll define as the work plus rest/reset. Mindset is a series of training to find the best version of yourself. Aligned with your own identity and your own beliefs.

Being in community with likeminded people, having support systems which believe and identify what you do adds to your ability to shift your mindset into one that feels true, organic, natural in alignment and excites you.

Mindset is also what separates top elite level athletes with others. These athletes have a belief, a passion, resolve so strong they become unshakeable, unbreakable. Think Tom Brady, Wayne Gretzky and Simone Biles. This is another aspect Mindset holds power.

You have many ways to work and strengthen your Mindset. Let’s get to work, what are you going to begin with?

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Monica Heiz

Healthy Habits that Boost Happiness.

Healthy Habits that Boost Happiness.

If you know taking better care of your health is important to you the habits you build upon are essential. Non-negotiable to hold you powerful in the changes.

Optimal Performance; The Greatest of All Time.

Optimal Performance; The Greatest of All Time.

The Greatest of All Time.  Optimal Performance brings the best of people. Consistency plus a plan which values work, recovery, growth and release.  Key factors for people to perform at such high levels are their programs and habits.   You can take your performance in health 

Health at the next level.

Health at the next level.


Productivity. Profitability. Conversions. Relationships. Joy. Success.

You know, when you have financial success, you’re not concerned about your finances not being there for you or enough… you’ve reached the next level of success financially, you’ve got a flow managing your success.

Your health relies on the same level of structure.  You don’t need to focus on health when you’ve got your essential health in place.  And, when you do you can rock it to another level.

Health today has a new look.  It brings your overall investments of time energy money and success to dominate your space. Yes, dominate.

You’re in control and power of your health.

That takes you as a human being totally responsible for your health. You know what you can do then? You can focus on what brings you joy. What challenges you to grow. What empowers you to be the best version of you.

Taking full ownership of your health ups your game. Not for problems for solutions. 

You can take your health to the next level.

When you use your skills, focus, discipline,  execution, fortitude. your health mentally, emotionally and physically are the result of your actions. 

For you high achievers, getting to the next level really owning your power is a non-negotiable and what makes you unique in your desires and success.

Cut out the drama, stories and nonsense, get to the practices, habits and applications. This is how you achieve your success….unapologetically. 

Are you a high achiever ready to bring health to your next level?

Are you ready to chat? Set up your discovery and let’s get you off to a fast start.

The year of Lifestyle Medicine

The year of Lifestyle Medicine

This year has proven to be a year of great change,especially for the medical community. The underlying issues faced with health are more than sickness, they are dis-ease, where the body mind and emotions are not at ease.  Now more than ever a light is 



This year has been interesting… For some we see opportunity, growth and neccessary changes. For others the changes have been traumatic and life changing in a way you’re unclear on how to make changes. Everything falling apart at once. Paying attention to your health is 

How I built my foundation of success doing the opposite.

How I built my foundation of success doing the opposite.

They thought I was crazy.

“Who would need or want what you have to offer”,  they said.

I was determined in my ethics, clear in my feelings and actions. I knew without a shadow of a doubt my head and heart were aligned, in integrity, stable in thought and feeling.

“Why would you do that”, they interrogated. Repeatedly

I spent hours at the gym training.  I had a plan in place that gave me time every morning to focus on my health and set up my day.  Before my work began, training clients, and teaching classes. And my foods; clean, purposeful and energizing.  

After all they were Dr’s, lawyers and business professionals, their version of success held more relevance to happiness, health and success than mine could. 

There was no proof to my ideologies. 

Who was I to prove them wrong?

I decided the idea of setting up challenges which would give me opportunity to test my skills, nourish my strengths and have me show up everyday was a greater fire starter in me than following the ideologies presented to me.

Yes, I was willing to take it on, challenge their version of succes, health and living.

I focused, set my path and stayed the course.  I build a foundation for lifestyle which includes health, success and growth. It includes financial and spiritual wealth, mental and emotional health and habits which are grounded and practical for success.

My KPI’s have been resilience, excellence, detail, and brain training actions

In order to excel and exceed one must be willing to go beyond the current standards and norms. 

I had just decided I didn’t want to fit into their version of success. 

Success to those of you who desire more from living and your lifestyle want your health, fitness and wellness goals to be at the forefront of your living.  You understand Optimal Performance is the foundation for success.

This busts through the myth that success comes from having a specific career.

A career is a choice.  Growth, Personal Development, and Innovation are optional.

What options are you adding and Implementing to your health and success?

I’ve identified 3 stages to focus your mindset, gaining clarity, confidence, concentration and focused actions for success.

What Mindeset is keeping you safe?

What Mindset is necessary for growth?

What Mindset is the focus for succeeding?

Are you up for the challenge?

Your call to action awaits you. Message me to get started.

Your Endocrine System- The Hypothalamus: CEO of your Body

Your Endocrine System- The Hypothalamus: CEO of your Body

Your endocrine system is made up of glands found throughout the body. These glands, which produce hormones, send hormones into the bloodstream or into the fluid around cells, and receptors to be distributed among organs and tissues, and “programmed” to respond to the hormones. Essentially