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Mental and Emotional Key Strategies to Wellness

Mental and Emotional Key Strategies to Wellness

Just as we go through life stages, growth and development physically, we as humans are designed to go through growth and development mentally and emotionally.

The Future of Wellness

The Future of Wellness

Learning to implement and apply good habits in every area of your life can be challenging especially with so many time commitments. It takes discipline, focus and a plan that works for you. Overcoming disruptive eating patterns, excuses for why you’re not working out, finding 

The Power of Change; Keep Moving Forward and Up

The Power of Change; Keep Moving Forward and Up

Moving forward, leveling up all has a foundation in change.  Albert Einstein stated, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Simon Sinek a thought leader of our generation teaches about Finite and Infinite. “Finite players play to beat the people around them. Infinite players play to be better than themselves.”

With knowledge and wisdom you can unravel the limits, past programming and negativity which stands in your way to better your life, personally, professionally, and intimately.

Your experiences have been grounded in either lack, fear, survival or love, contribution and belonging. They are the 2 sides of the opposite, also seen as the finite and infinite. The finite sets out to have a winner and a loser. The infinite wants contribution and belonging.  Simon states, “The trouble comes when a finite player gets into an infinite game. Then the finite player will eventually run out of the will or resources to compete and ultimately concede the game.”

“Infinite games have no winners or losers. Rules often don’t exist, and if they do, they are fuzzy and open to interpretation. The playing field is undefined and progress is hard to measure. Opponents change frequently, as does the game itself. There are no clear winners or losers in the infinite game. Competitors drop out of the infinite game when they lose the will or resources to stop playing. The goal is to outlast your competition.”

To the original point, the foundation of moving forward, leveling up and growth is change, which must come from being an infinite player. Being rooted and grounded in your beliefs, talents and desire to contribute and play by giving your best. To always work smart and work hard.  Strong ethics and positive mindset. 

This rocks the core of the finite game where change was not an option, focusing on winning at all costs and whatever it takes to win.

Understanding energy.

When you understand polarity and where you are grounded in your foundation, you can see your own energy at work.  Red is the color of your foundation, your roots and sense of belonging.  You live here, within your own soul trusting in your work and your mission. Your actions are stable, calculated and precise based on your own goals and inclusive of the well being of others.

You find passion and purpose in your work.

Change comes from your desire to increase,  improve your results and consistently give your best. Change incorporates bringing in new people, a well versed team and individuality. Here stability partnered with mobility move you forward, growing and change while maintaining flow and balance. 

Monica Heiz

Lifestyle Advisor