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This year has been interesting… For some we see opportunity, growth and neccessary changes. For others the changes have been traumatic and life changing in a way you’re unclear on how to make changes. Everything falling apart at once. Paying attention to your health is 

Glutathione and your body- the Cellular Level of You.

Glutathione and your body- the Cellular Level of You.

Glutathione is an antioxidant produced in cells made up of three amino acids: glutamine, glycine, and cysteine. One unique thing about glutathione is that the body is able to make it in the liver, which is not true of most antioxidants. Glutathione has many important 

What you need to know about Toxicity and why Detoxification is so important for your health and well-being.

What you need to know about Toxicity and why Detoxification is so important for your health and well-being.

Toxicity is a build up of toxins with the body. It affects every area of your body and your health. Detoxification is the process and pathway in which your body removes toxins. There are two key detox pathways that your hard-working liver is organized around: phase 1 and phase 2.

Phase 1 is oxidation, whereby your liver utilizes oxygen and enzymes to remove toxins by making them soluble in water, so they can be excreted in your urine and poop more easily.  Phase 1 is essential to detox. Phase 2 is called conjugation, which is necessary to remove the metabolites. Conjugation is how your liver combines oxidized metabolites with sulfur, methylation, glucuronidation, by adding certain amino acids or organic acids, and ultimately excretes them in bile.

Most environmental toxins overactivate in phase 1, and then exceed the capacity of your liver to complete the detoxification in phase 2. When that happens, you generate signs of toxicity.

Here are 6 signs of Toxicity.

1. Fluid Retention– Fluid retention is your body’s signal that it is working to flush itself out as there are factors disrupting your pathway to detoxification.

2. Increase in belly fat– Your body is unable to move and distribute the toxins being caught in your visceral fat.

3. Cravings and blood sugar issues– This related to your body being able to distribute and absorb nutrients and vitamins. Toxicity interferes with your body’s ability to absorb necessary vitamins and nutrients as they become caught in the toxicity.

4. Abdominal bloating– Bloating is a common issue with retaining water. Intestinal distress and inability to release excess fluid and excretion is a sure sign of toxicity.

5. Weight loss resistance– Unable to loss weight is a common problem for those with toxicity issues. Toxicity interrupts the flow and process for detoxification and purifying the body. This metabolic function is essential for weight loss. No amount of exercise and clean eating will in itself help with weight loss resistance caused by toxicity.

6. Insomnia, especially between 1am- 4pm– Your body is at it’s greatest REM- rest sleep during this time. When your body is awake at this time it is a sign it needs more help and support to reduce the toxic load it is carrying for improved rest and recovery.

To unburden your liver here is what you need to do:

1. Eat more antioxidants such as berries, citrus and spinach.

2. Taking vitamin C & E helps in neutralizing the free radicals that are made in the detox phase 1 to support the pathway to phase 2.

3. Metagenics Clear Change Detox Antioxidant protection & detoxification support- promotes vitality and health by supporting balanced activity of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification pathways. This formula provides methylated vitamin B12 and folic acid along with nutrients designed to enhance the activities of several liver detoxification enzymes.*

Monica Heiz

Lifestyle Advisor

The Power of Change; Keep Moving Forward and Up

The Power of Change; Keep Moving Forward and Up

Moving forward, leveling up all has a foundation in change.  Albert Einstein stated, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Simon Sinek a thought leader of our generation teaches about Finite and Infinite. “Finite players play to beat 

Fitness, Mindset, Emotional Resilience are not options.

Fitness, Mindset, Emotional Resilience are not options.

Supporting your health through practices which evolve and build your strength and power in each area of health, you create a more sustainable, impactful and fruitful way to manage your own life.

The true power of community

The true power of community

Understanding what you value holds a wealth of power for you. You see, as you decide and understand qualites you value, aspects of living, that hold meaning to you, it is up to you to align with the right people and communities. Sounds simple. The maze or confusion people get caught in is past programming and patterns plus, to embrace feel and see the new opportunity, which is what they want.

True power of community does not come from need. Our ancestors needed community in order to survive, for basic needs- food clothing shelter safety. As we have evolved, technology expanded our living situations, opportunity has been given to move beyond the fears and limitations based on survival.

This message is an invitation.

Where are you in community that does not nourish your spirit? Where are you wanting growth, new experience and not encountering it from community?

These are opportunities for you. These same opportunities those who like the idea of safety, stuck in story or depended on others are unwilling to step forward into.

I, love growth, change and building something that holds meaning to me.

How about you?

As you process and flow through this idea, understand where you are and where your values are. Maybe your life has increased and it’s time to look at areas you had not been exposed to before.

This is growth as well as building a new foundation in an area of your life you had not given attention to before.

Community in its truest form, where there is no fear, is designed to support, nourish, nurture, develop each generation to pass forward and add to. This means build. It means support. Wouldn’t you love more positive encouraging support in adding more to your life? Not from force, or needing to fit in, rather from a grounded perspective of normal satisfying, practical living.

These are the true roots of community.

One specific I find in this organic model of community is a level of acceptance. No one is being judged, criticized or looked down upon for who you are. This model is inviting, understanding, empathetic, compassionate and wholehearted in people growing to their potential.

People growing to their potential means: there is enough for everyone, no one is special. Flow moves. It offers those who know they have gifts generosity and skills to contribute, can give and their giving is not based on money time and energy. This level of giving comes from the heart and mind to support and connect people.

Encouraging a new form of community takes looking at where you’re settling, accepting or just don’t feel expansive “energetically aligned”.

It’s a practice and gives you permission to be right, to decide what you want and make the changes necessary to find it.

Now, go out. Take the actions. Find the communities which will support and bring you the growth you desire.

Illuminating the riches within

Monica Heiz


My Mission

My Mission

My belief is; Life is meant to be lived with joy, passion, pleasure and happiness. It is this belief system which inspires and motivated me to educate and inspire professionals and business into change and growth through overall well being.  Well being as we now